who are we

Qatar Volunteerism is the permanent and integrated headquarters for incubating volunteer activities and work according to the vision and strategy of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which contributes with us to establishing and strengthening the culture of volunteer work in society, introducing its fields, objectives, principles and benefits, and documenting its contributions to development through the establishment of partnerships to encourage volunteer work among youth and volunteer initiatives and institutions Civil society, academic institutions, the private sector and the media to achieve constructive effectiveness that sharpens national and institutional capacities and cadres for volunteer work, As well as contributing to building a database of best practices in place at the regional and international levels and benefiting from them in designing, including classifying volunteers according to their abilities, experiences, skills, preferences and attitudes to employ the value heritage and Qatari social capital in promoting volunteer work, in addition to benefiting from work-related research and studies. Volunteering with the aim of employing and highlighting the energies and potential of youth, and the Qatar Voluntary Center encourages creative initiatives by overcoming institutional, regulatory and legal obstacles

" For volunteering to be a way of life "


Commitment / Participation / Encouragement / Responsibility / Initiative / Integration


Volunteering should be a way of life

The message

Spreading the culture of volunteering
Providing volunteer opportunities to serve the community
Support and embrace volunteer initiatives


Spreading the culture of volunteering free of charge for individuals and institutions
Cultivating a culture of volunteering in future generations
Increase the percentage of Qatari volunteers participating in volunteer activities
Regulating and legalizing volunteer work in Qatar
Encouraging volunteers to launch voluntary initiatives and embracing the good ones
Training, development, qualification and classification of volunteers

Main functions

Advance planning and setting general policy guidelines for volunteer work
Cooperating and coordinating with the best organizations to provide a high level of specialized training in organizations management and volunteer work
Work to stimulate and revitalize volunteer programs in the community through initiatives or adopting, creating and supporting new volunteer initiatives
Providing alternatives and logistical services to support organizations and initiatives
Create an interactive and creative environment
Provide advice and facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices
Provide limited financial support for initiative projects, if requested